Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blazer - a Magic piece for work

top: Lu Lu Cheung (HK designer)
shorts: Muubaa (here)
blazer: Zara
shoes: Jimmy Choo
bracelet: CC Skye

I ran into a lady in the elevator and she was so chic - shorts with a blazer. So I was inspired and want to try something similar. I am taller than average so I felt I might show too much legs in a work environment but adding a blazer can make it much more appropriate for work.
the top: I bought this beautiful silk top in HK and am glad it's a designer item in stead of some regular item...because the cut/fit is much better for me. I've always found the tops I used to buy in HK were a little too short and too wide for me. When I bought this, I got the smallest size tho now I could still fit in but it's bit too tight. But it's always better on my back than hanging in the closet.
the blazer: The sleeves are bit too long for me so I decided to roll them up instead of spending money on alteration. Money is one thing, waiting is another plus I don't want to loss my blazer which has happened to me before.
the shorts: I bought the shorts from Nasty Gal. It's the cheapest deal I could find online, retail is $178 and I got it for $148 no tax but shipping. The leather is buttery soft and fits TTS. As far as I know, this shorts came out either in spring or beginning of summer but the retail price is still the same, no mark down what so ever. I know Revolve still has it in only size 6 for $178.

And I want to share this recent purchase with you - CC Skye spike love bracelet. I got it off Bonanza (seller: designloft) for $115 no tax, retail is 150 +tax, and the shipping time is super fast, I think I got it the next day after I paid. I really love it and it just goes with everything. I like gold tone better than silver tone, goes better with my skin tone.


  1. Love the bracelet and have had really great experiences on Bonanza ..congrats! I think you just helped me pick what I am wearing tonight on a date with my DH :)

  2. Love the leather shorts and the bracelet! Just found your blog. I love jewelry and just launched my jewelry line :)

    The black blazer is a must have, love it together with the shorts.

  3. hi kenya,

    thanks for stopping by. hope you have a great evening out with DH!!
    i am glad both of us are deal finders!!

  4. jen,

    congrats on launching your own jewelry line!! very elegant design!! just checked out your blog...i have that zara tulip dress as well..

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Love how you paired the blazer and shorts!! It looks great on you!! I've been experimenting with that too (but it's still a little too risky for my work environment)!!

    That is a GORGEOUS bracelet!!

  7. thanks sam!!
    it really depends on the short, i think you can find something with a cuff at the bottom and loose fitted short would also look bit longer.
    i think shorts are too short dilemma can happen to the taller crowds...


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