Monday, August 22, 2011

TV Cable - drop by the store for a deal!!

Well, this is not exactly fashion related but thought it's a good idea to share anyway...stylish life style with a budget...hahahaa...just kidding.

I had the 3 in one package with Time Warner and the one year deal was expired and the price went up, I think I paid about $20 more than before. But I decided I could live without TV so I called TW to cancel the cable but they told me they couldn't do it over the phone and I should just return the cable box and it'd be effective the day I return the box. I specifically asked if they could give me another deal and I got a big fat NO.

So, I went to TW store to return the cable box and the lady gave me a deal on the spot. It's also 3 in one but for $79.99 pre-tax of course. It's even cheaper than before. Well, I guess all those carrying the heavy cable box finally paid off.

It never hurts to drop by TW...half of an hour saved me a lot of money. ^_^

Happy Monday!!

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