Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tulip Dress from Zara

dress: zara
shoes: chanel
purse: zara bucket bag
necklace: ebay (vintage)

I wanted this dress in black but they didn't have it this season. But this royal blue is just as stunning. I had a few ideas how to wear this dress but I am only showing one for the time being since most ideas I had in mind was for autumn.
I tried one photo with a vintage necklace I got from ebay, $9.99 shipping included. I really love this. The clap was broken so I just used a ribbon to tie both ends's quite flattering.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!! I saw the black and white one on sale recently but both were out of my sizes. ARRGH.

    I've been searching for them on eBay which unfortunately are all selling at crazy prices. Almost double (and some more than double) of the original retail price.

    I'm hoping this would come out in other colours again in the new collection (I realised the collection featured in the US webby is slightly different from what is being launched in my country).

    I'm gonna buy this off at original retail price once I spot it...

  2. oh, you saw the black one? good for you. there's no black one left in the US. the blue one has been out for a while and i've seen lots of XS and L...mine is S. blue is the only solid color in the US and there's another one with pattern (greenish w/ some pink) but i think solid colors always have a much stronger staying power in my closet. i grew out of stuff too fast and am always go to my solid color pieces after a while.

  3. That blue is amazing! It may have been a good thing you couldn't find it in black! LOVE the color and LOVE the cut too!

    xo, sam

  4. thanks sam!! i think in winter when everybody wears black/dark color clothes..this dress will definitely stand out.

  5. Just an update. I saw this blue dress at Zara yesterday..but the cut and fabric was slightly different from the black/white from last season. The previous one fits me better.Sigh..

    But the colour is amazing :)

  6. i know the fabric s different...i think the black one is more stiff. and it cost 60 bucks more

  7. I agree with Samantha, if you were to have purchased this dress in black instead of the blue it would lose it's appeal. The vibrant blue
    compliments the playful bell shape of the dress.

    And the gold necklace is a beautiful touch of accent.

  8. never thought of the color compliments the shape...and sam has such a great sense to play with colors.
    thank you, very appreciated!!


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