Friday, December 30, 2011

My Holy Grail - OIL

I would like to share a couple of the products I have been using.

Desert Essence JoJoba Oil
I have always had oily skin and when I was younger I had a lot of acne that lead to bad skin. I have to say Jurlique really saved my skin and it's very expensive but last for a long time as well. Since I've used Jurlique for a long time, my skin sort of got used to it and it just doesn't feel as amazing as before. But this is not the main product I wanted to share in this post. Few years ago, my skin got very dry in the beginning of the winter, I tried putting a lot of heavy lotion on my face and it just didn't do anything. Especially when I put the foundation on, the flakes of the skin just become so obvious. Thanks for makeupalley review and I bought a bottle to try and just a couple of days, my skin was no longer dry and flaky. I used it in the summer as well because jojoba oil is very similar to our human oil secretion and it actually balances out the oil on our faces. I recommended it to most of my family and friends, acne prone always told me they don't put oil on their faces. But I so far haven't had any problem with it, but the rest use the oil faithfully. Just a little drop added to my daily moisturizer and it just does wonders. Sometimes I use the jojoba oil as eye makeup remover, especially when the makeup remover couldn't remove all the mascara. I usually get it from Trader Joes for a little less than $8. Wholefood also sells it but double of the listed price at Trader Joes.

If you are interested in jojoba oil, read here.

Alterna Bamboo Kendi Oil/Mist 
Though I have oily skin but my hair is kind of dry and I have always wanted that shiny hair look. I've tried many products on the markets and found this HG hair oil. I tried both oil and the mist both are $24, I like the mist a little better. The oil is quite thick and may be I use too much so my hair does get smoother but I felt it weights down my hair a little (just very little). With the mist, I could use it after I blew dry my hair as finish touch up. But I don't do it with the oil, with the oil you really have to apply when the hair is damp and blow dry the hair. The oil smells amazing. I get them at, they have promotion all the time, I usually wait until they have promotion of 20% off and buy more than $49 to get free shipping. Only few states need to pay tax and it really works out great for me.

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