Monday, December 12, 2011

my old but great coat

top: Isabel Marant Mendy
skirt: IRO
shoes: Isabel Marant Mony
jacket: Isabel Marant Lexy
coat: Daniel Hechter
scarf: LV

It's kind of chilly this morning but I didn't want to bundle up. I picked this 12 year old coat that I got when I was in HK. I honestly am not familiar with this designer but it's French. After wearing this coat for over 12 years and I have to say the quality is excellent. There's absolutely no pills at all, it's light weight and it's warm with layering. I don't think I can wear this coat when it's 30 degree out but it's fine in the 40s with layering. I like the fact the the collar can be pulled up or down which gives a different look. I think the coat cost about 100 USD at the's one of the best investment I've made over the years.

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