Tuesday, December 13, 2011

personal notes

I came to realize that the title of my blog is misleading and that was never my intention to do so. My definition of budget was in the goal of hunting good deals instead of focusing on high street fashion. My first post already set the tone of my blog.
Very few of my recent purchases were full retail price and I bought a lot of them on sale or on Ebay. I didn't mention each time of the same item I wear because I didn't feel I need to. I did introduce each item I wear the first time, how I found them and what kind of deal I got, and didn't feel I have to mention it every time.
I admit I love labels, especially the bridge brands, because of the minimal design and the quality of the fabrics. I also fall out of love with my clothes pretty fast so I felt buying them on sale would justify my "unfaithfulness" towards my clothes.
I have totally 5 pairs of jeans and two of them (dark wash) I got over 5 years ago and 2 of them (black) I got two years ago. And I just bought a new pair may be two months ago. I may buy quite frequently but I don't buy the same or similar pieces. That's exactly this blog is all about: buying something with some research and pay for the quality with a discount price. It's about buying 2 pairs of good quality shoes instead of buying 5 pairs of trendy shoes. It's about experimenting mix and match with same pieces from my closet instead of experimenting with what's the most on trend items.
This blog will evolve just like the way I change, my taste might change...just like the way I was so obsessed with Zara in the summer and now it's Isabel Marant.

Thank you for reading.

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