Thursday, March 15, 2012

stripes + white

Asos top | Uniqlo ankle skinny jeans | Zara jacket & scarf (men's collection) | Alexander Wang ankle boots | Givenchy pandora (M)

I was so excited to share this Uniqlo skinny jeans with you....they are only $39.90 and tax free. I have tried quite a few pairs of white skinny jeans and I just didn't like any of those fits on me. And my friend told me she absolutely loved Uniqlo and their quality was really good for the price....and she's right!! Unfortunately they have not set up their online store yet....people in NYC should really take this chance and stop by and they have so many other colors. The store was huge and tidy, and the staffs were really well trained....only hope they had more people to stand around so you can ask for help but other than that I had a really great experience.
Though pastel and sharp color jeans are poplar this spring/summer but I am not a big color fan so I thought white is a great color to put in my wardrobe. It's neutral and it is not another pair of black jeans. But I do love patterned jeans and hopefully can share with you sometime soon...excitingly waiting.
I went into another wave of love about Zara this season. I bought a few things and today I was wearing this simple white/gray/light green scarf from men's collection, it feels like linen so looks and feels great for summer time when you want to add a layer to your look....and it's $35.90 not bad for it's quality and style. I've always wanted a white and light gray stripes scarf but didn't see anything that I loved....and I fell in love with this one. There're more from men's collection I really these two below....they are only $25.90.

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  1. Such a beautiful combination. The scarf and flowiness of the blouse plays with the crisp-ness of the jacket and the white jeans creates an organic and easy silhouette.

    Great pairing!!!


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